Big Sur 2015

My family has been in New Orleans for generations and I have the ridiculous, hard to pronounce, French Creole name to prove it.  Michelle Faucheux.  But my friends just call me Fosho.

I was raised on the outskirts of New Orleans between the bayou and the river.  I’ve always been fascinated with history, travel, adventure, and exploration which has taken me as far as Egypt, Africa, and Antarctica.

I have a rather ambitious obsession with polar travel and nautical history of all kinds and enjoy geeking out over maps, longitude, and the Harrison Clocks.  I would do anything to own an astrolabe and have dragged many a person onto various historic ships as well as waged an argument with a guide in Egypt over the exact count of solar boats buried next to the Pyramids.  My greatest unfulfilled nautical history desire is to tour The Fram in Norway.

I enjoy collecting wine, mixing a fine martini, traveling, hiking, camping, skiing, reading constantly, and watching classic films….sometimes while reading.  I will never say no to champagne as a life rule.  I grew up with a road tripping mom who dragged us all over the country in various modes of transport: a converted yellow school bus, sexy 1970’s van, an Astro Mini-Van, and finally an RV.

I was an avid concert goer, classic movie buff, and three time Louisiana beauty queen as a young adult.  Feel free to ask me anything about yams and tiaras, I’m a big hit at Thanksgiving.

I have cars that I give names to.  One a pretty little girl named Betsy another wild as the wind named Delilah.  Both classics from the 60’s, both have been on long road trips with girls wearing hats.

I scored a job in the film industry in my early twenties by an overheard conversation in a bar and haven’t looked back since.

I’m a producer for commercials, music videos, and photo shoots who likes living on lakes.  Silver Lake in Los Angeles and Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes.  I also spend time in a charming atelier apartment in an old New Orleans Victorian in the Garden District.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Nature Lover, I’m amazed that you wrote this: “I inserted my face right into the middle of a nauseating, fly filled spider web.” You are – hypothetically – being given the miracle of this posh hide-away. Hypothetically, because you are insufficiently natural world savvy to understand you are only part of an astonishing web of life. Try this: Spider says, “What was that disgusting huge maggot-pale blob that just invaded my home? And my larder? Protect me, Great Anansi. May the creature suffer the same fate.”
    Do drop by my website. I’m about to make you a little famous in more enlightened circles.


  2. Ha! You are right, we talk all the time about “What must they think of us?” I’ve had a life long fear of spiders, but a life long adoration of the US Forest Service program and the natural areas they serve, and have spent a lifetime working towards owning one of these little gems, and even more time and work preserving it and it’s wonderful history to pass onto the next generation of forest service cabin owners. We try to save as many of our little roommates as possible and move them out of harm’s way, but going face-first into a web of bugs will always be unnerving!


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